Tea Party Leaders Launch TeaPartyforTrump.org for 2016

Tea-Party-for-Trump_logoAugust 23, 2016 (Cleveland, OH) – Local tea party leaders from around the country today announced the launch of the TeaPartyforTrump.org website, which will be the online news and information center for a series of events to get the vote out in the November, 2016 election. Tea Party for Trump is partnering with the National Rifle Association in key swing states around the country, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. The first national event of Tea […]

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Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio – Convention 2016

RLC-ConventionLiberty-minded Ohio Republicans are invited to attend the Ohio Republican Liberty Caucus Convention on Saturday, September 24th in Columbus.  Top leaders from all over Ohio will be in attendance – Republicans who believe that Ohio should be a state that stands on Constitutional and free market principles The 2016 RLCOH Bi-Annual Convention will consist of two parts: The morning sessions, and an afternoon business session The morning session will include captivating speeches and educational panels.   The […]

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Ohio Voter Registration Lookup Tools

OhioVoterRegistrationThe folks at Toledo Tea Party have been hard at work to supply us with two new tools for retrieving Voter Registration information. Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy says: “There are over 7.6 million registered voters in Ohio. We’ve uploaded the entire Ohio voter registration database to our web servers, and have created numerous powerful search tools that allow our members to perform very in depth and detailed searches from this database and other […]

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Toledo Tea Party volunteers makes 1800 phone calls for NRA / Trump

PhoneBank_1_800In a challenge to other Ohio conservative groups,  22 volunteers from Toledo Tea Party and other NW Ohio organizations got together last night and spent a couple hours making just over 1,800 phone calls for the NRA and the candidate they endorsed,  Donald  Trump. The Toledo Tea Party volunteers sent out a challenge to all Ohio’s conservative, liberty groups to match their counts. John McAvoy, Chairman of the Toledo Tea Party said; “This is a […]

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Does your city, town or school really need that levy?

CheckBokk_DotComMany cities, towns, and schools will be coming to the people who pay the bills in November and will be asking for more money,  a levy. Do they really need the money?  How are they spending the money you give them now?  Could they do a better job of spending and using the current resources, Could they be better stewards with your tax dollars? Here is whats happening in Toledo,  Maybe you should be asking […]

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Fall 2016 CETP Meeting Schedule

With the Fall Election season upon us, the Cincinnati East Tea Party is seeking to give our members an opportunity to meet and dialogue with candidates on the ballot in Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, Mt Washington and Oakley precincts. An additional highlight will be a presentation at our August meeting on the Cincy Eastern Bypass, an initiative mounted by highway planning professionals in Northern Kentucky. You will be amazed at the advantages of this plan compared to building another bridge alongside the Brent Spence.  Below are the highlights for meetings in August, September and October.

We hope you will commit to join these informative and pertinent meetings.

Fall 2016 Cincinnati East Tea Party
Community Forums

Tuesday, August 30, 6:30pm
Oakley Community Center in Hyde Park Shopping Center

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Major & Minor Political Parties Certify Candidates for Ohio Ballot, Independent and Write-In Candidates File

Earl_JohnsonNOTE – Charlie Earls name was submitted on petitions, his name may be switched and assigned to Gary Johnson.  One of these two names  (Earl or Johnson) will appear on the ballot as an Independent.   (Thank you Gov Kasich and Ohio Republican Party members for collecting signatures and helping expedite and greasing the skids to get a Libertarian candidate on the ballot…) COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced today that all recognized […]

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We the People Convention

wepeopleThe We the People Convention will be hosting an organizational meeting for the TEA Party for Trump project for all activist who are committed to winning the election in November! This meeting is for ANYONE who wants to volunteer anywhere in the state. Date: Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Place: Berlin Church, 5175 S Old State Rd, Lewis Center, OH 43035-9254 Reservation Required: Click this link or the […]

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Toledo Tea Party challenges groups to help with NRA / Trump phone bank.

phonebankTHE CHALLENGE –  Members of the Toledo Tea Party (TTP) have challenged Ohio’s conservative groups.  TTP spokesman Bill Delaney says TTP will turn out more volunteers and make more phone calls for the NRA and Trump than any other group in Ohio. Toledo Tea Party is hosting the NRA event (CLICK HERE) . We’ll have pizza, drinks, prizes, and a lot of fun. Monday, August 15th 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Hampton Inn 3434 Secor […]

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Making Morning Radio Great Again – Trump calls into morning talk show on WSPD

trump_010WSPD’s morning radio host Fred Lefebvre got a surprise this morning.  Just as Fred was finishing up an interview with Eric Trump,  the radio station’s phone screener told Fred that there was someone on the phone by the name of Donald Trump. Yah, Right,  NO , REALLY, Its Donald Trump….. Fred spent the next 20 minutes asking Mr Trump some hard questions, I bet Hillary Clinton doesn’t call in to Fred’s show. We’ll post a […]

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Great Idea – Host viewing of Hillarys America

HillarysAmericaWhat a great idea for groups around Ohio. Toledo Tea Party is hosting a viewing of Hillary’s America.  It doesn’t cost your group anything to do this. Simply verify the viewing times at a local theater, then send out an invite to everyone from your group to attend at a certain time.  Make sure to specify the cost so people don’t misunderstand and think its a free showing.  TTP also set up a Facebook event […]

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Over 9000 attend Trump’s Ohio Campaign kickoff rally in Toledo

Trump2016_2_800NOTE – Conservative groups in NW Ohio,, Findlay, Toledo, and all across Ohio played a key roll in helping Donald Trump ( and all the Presidential candidates) during the Primary.  We would like to think that Mr Trumps decision to make Toledo his first Ohio campaign stop  served as a big Thank You to all the people in Ohio, especially Cheryl Blakely and  NW Ohio for all their help. Toledo, OH – We want to […]

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trump-nra-sbsAkron, OH:  The We the People Convention, announced today that the majority of the TEA Party/Liberty Groups in Ohio will be aligning with the National Rifle Association in an effort to elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. “We are pleased to align our efforts in this Presidential election with the NRA because so many of our members are also NRA members and gun owners,” said Tom Zawistowski, President of the […]

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Trump to stop in Toledo Wednesday night

TP_LogoPresidential  Republican Candidate Donald Trump will be making a stop in Toledo tomorrow night. This is the second campaign stop since Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party Nomination in Cleveland last week.  Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy says: “We’re very pleased that Mr Trump has chosen Toledo as his first Ohio campaign stop,  and unlike Gov Kasich,  Toledo Republicans will be pulling out all the stops to welcome Mr Trump to Ohio.” CLICK HERE […]

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RNC Day Three: “We Like Mike”

trump_072116CLEVELAND – Instead of dwelling on what wasn’t said, I prefer to focus on what was spoken. The Pennslylvania Delegation began its third day at the convention with a breakfast of testimonies from elected Republican officials emphasizing the historical legacy that is incumbent upon us. Congressman Keith Rothfus (PA-12th District) stated that the notion of self-rule, self-government and individual rights is from the hand of God. When Congressman Rothfus said that “A Better Way” legislation […]

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RNC Day Two: A Republican Renaissance

Republican-Renaissance-CLEVELAND – Yesterday, on Day Two of the Republican National Convention, Delegates, Alternate Delegates, their guests, and the media personally witnessed the rebirth of the Republican Party. I was interviewed by a journalist from Switzerland’s RTI who asked me if I was concerned that the Bush and Romney families were absent from the Convention. I explained that the shift we are witnessing represents a changing of the guard, and the invitation is always open to […]

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RNC Day One: All Lives Matter

RNC_Day_OneCLEVELAND – There was a mix of excitement and apprehension for some people amidst the backdrop of national and international tragedy. It seems as though the American and State flags have been permanently flown at half-staff the past week to honor the innocent people who were murdered. Even so, there was an outpouring of support from other police officers, some of which flew in from California to serve as security for the people attending the […]

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Being PolicyFluid in Amherst Schools

2000px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svg_Amherst Schools are walking a fine line by promoting the transgender agenda with regard to bathroom rights, while at the same time never voting on an actual policy change to codify those rights. This issue became front and center when President Obama and the Department of Education posted a “Dear Colleague” letter informing schools that students must be allowed to self-report their gender. It claims that if a school does not treat the student by […]

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Workplace Freedom collects signatures at Freedom Works Columbus event

FW_RTW_1_600Over 150 folks attended the Freedom Works meetup at the Ohio Convention Center in Columbus, Oh on May 21, 2016.  Lots of new people to the patriot movement attended.  A few members of the state wide group that are collecting signatures for the Workplace Freedom Amendment had a table set up and collected over 100 signatures from all over Ohio. Presently our processors are still counting petitions and collecting info to determine which counties have […]

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