‘I Have a Dream’


In honor of this 50th-anniversary year of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and famous “I Have a Dream” speech, below are a few selections to meditate on from these historic works.  (He even gives a shout-out to the Tea Party!)  Of course they are also worth reading in their entirety (follow the links below).  See also some thoughts on the anniversary.

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Cincinnati Trolley?

Cincinnati TrolleyA CETP member calls our attention to a new old idea:  If we want “cool” new options for public transportation in Cincinnati, why not try a trolley?

A group called Hop on Cincinnati is promoting the idea of what the Cincinnati Enquirer calls a “trackless, rubber-tired trolley system” for downtown—in other words, a bus:  Because it would need no tracks to be dug and laid, it could be ready sooner, cost much less (estimated $15 million for 16 trolleys, as opposed to $133 million and counting for a single streetcar), and go a lot more places than the Streetcar.  At the same time, it would look like a trolley.  Some Streetcar supporters that I’ve talked to clearly want the Streetcar for aesthetic reasons as much as anything else—It would make Cincinnati look so cool, like Portland!—but there’s no reason we can’t have that in an affordable, practical bus.  Or, as Hop on Cincinnati puts it,

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Final Reminder: Two Great Meetings This Week

There are two outstanding meetings this week. We hope to see you at both events.


An Evening with Nationally Known Film Maker Dennis Michael Lynch

Dennis Michael Lynch has produced a compelling and insightful documentary of the human, economic, and safety toll of illegal immigration. He is traveling the country to share what he has learned.  Join us August 19th or August 20th to meet Dennis and hear his message.
Details below….Please RSVP for your desired evening at the links below. $10 Donation suggested. Participants receive a two-CD set of the documentary.

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Wenstrup launches petition against Congressional Obamacare special pass

Congressman WenstrupCongressman Brad Wenstrup has initiated a petition against the double standard whereby elected officials and their staff are exempt from a significant part of Obamacare while ordinary Americans are not.  You can learn more and sign the petition at No Special Pass .com.

Related entry: “Obamacare Burdens for Thee but Not for Me”

GOP Summer Party in the Park

See Facebook for invitation to a Republican “party in the park” this Friday night: a family-friendly event open to all at the new and improved Washington Park 5-7 p.m., followed by going out for drinks 7-10 p.m. for those who are so inclined. There will be booths representing the Frederick Douglass Republicans, Ohio Young Republicans, and other parts of the conservative coalition; it should be a great laid-back opportunity to learn about these groups, meet some people, eat some food, and enjoy the park.

Washinton Park

The Latest: ‘Sixth Senior IRS Official Departs in Wake of Targeting Scandal’

National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson continues to cover the (still developing) IRS scandal:

A senior Internal Revenue Service official who until recently served as an adviser to embattled official Lois Lerner is leaving the agency, according to an IRS agent with knowledge of the situation. . . .

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August 19 & 20 Only! Don’t Miss This Inspiring Man and His Compelling Testimony

Below is an invitation to a presentation that is gaining national attention on the immigration issue.  CETP is co-sponsoring this extremely enlightening speaker and film even though it comes only one or two days before our August 21 meeting on Veterans Affairs.  (This meeting was scheduled and speakers secured about six weeks before we had Mr. Lynch’s availability dates.)  We hope our members will support both events as we have outstanding speakers scheduled for the Veterans Affairs meeting, a topic of high importance where informed citizens can help rectify a disgraceful situation related to our veterans.  Please support both events if at all possible.

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