After Obamacare

In National Review Online this week, Deroy Murdock argues that repealing Obamacare is not enough.

American patients and taxpayers alike should applaud GOP efforts to derail this runaway train safely out of town, before it barrels onto Main Street with its gears stripped, brakes shot, and tank cars clogged with toxic cargo.

That said, congressional Republicans badly need to plant their rumps into some hard chairs and unify around a single GOP alternative to Obamacare. They should endorse its elements, pledge to adopt it if they win the Senate, and constantly sell it as the best means to prevent this looming disaster.

He lists some elements of a good replacement for Obamacare, such as ending the unequal tax treatment that has resulted in (bizarrely, if you think about it) Americans’ getting their health insurance through their employers instead of buying it themselves, and lifting the (unnecessary and anti-competitive) ban on purchasing health-insurance plans across state lines.

Tom PriceMeanwhile Andrew Stiles reports on one replacement bill already available.

Tom Price’s Plan to Replace Obamacare
He has thrice proposed a comprehensive alternative, but few have noticed.

. . .

The law would allow individuals to opt out of Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal health-care-benefit programs in favor of receiving a tax credit; an individual’s health coverage would be “portable” — no longer tied to an employer — so losing a job wouldn’t also mean losing insurance; individuals and small businessed would be able to access insurance pools that reduce risk for those with pre-existing conditions, and they could purchase plans across state lines.

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