Cincinnati East Tea Party T-shirts Now Available for Purchase

CETP T-shirtBy special arrangement with Burke’s Tees, CETP T-shirts are now available on demand.  Simply go to Burke’s Tees on Cafe Press or Burke’s Tees on Zazzle, navigate to the Tea Party section (Cafe PressZazzle), select the product(s) you want, and make your purchase.  (Note that with Cafe Press, you can also get the CETP logo on other products, such as canvas bags or drinking glasses.)

Without discounts, currently the cheapest way to buy a single T-shirt is this value T-shirt (thinner fabric) from Cafe Press, $10 + $6.50 shipping (total $16.48).

Discounts are also available.  For Zazzle, simply join their e-mail list (enter your e-mail address for “Exclusive Offers” near the bottom of the Zazzle main page), wait for a discount you like (you will constantly get e-mails, some advertising discounts like 20%, but occasionally much bigger discounts), and use the code or password provided in the e-mail when you place your order.  (Don’t finalize your order unless the final price you see is acceptable to you.)

  • Of course you can also spend less per shirt by buying more than one at the same time (including non-CETP shirts) and paying shipping for all of them together.
  • Of course you can unsubscribe from the list at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every e-mail.

Cafe Press makes it a little more complicated.  To get Cafe Press discounts, start the same way, by entering your e-mail address to “Get Exclusive Offers” near the bottom of the Cafe Press main page.  Wait for an e-mail with a discount you like.  To take advantage of it, instead of going through the Burke’s Tees online store, go to Cafe Press and enter Cincinnati East Tea Party in the search field at the top.  Click “See this design on other items”.  Select the item(s) you want (note that their prices may bear no relation to those same items’ prices when you go through the Burke’s Tees online store).  Enter the code or password from the e-mail at checkout.  (Don’t finalize your order unless the final price you see is acceptable to you.)

Note that this is not a CETP fundraiser.  No part of the purchase price of these shirts will go to Cincinnati East Tea Party.  All prices have been set to the Cafe Press and Zazzle minima.  Purchase a T-shirt if you want one, or if you want to help advertise the group to the people around you.

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