Reducing Voter Fraud


Established in 2011, the Ohio Voter Integrity Project (OVIP), currently under the leadership of Greater Cincinnatians Denise Mayer and Mary Siegel, has made substantial progress in achieving its objective of “ensuring transparency and integrity in the election process throughout Ohio”. This report from them is one example of the sometimes outrageous voter registration requirements that need to be addressed.

Knowing that Mr. Allah is a fraud, the Board DID NOT remove him from the voter rolls but rather voted to challenge him if he tries to vote in the future. . . . Ohio VIP expected that the non-existent Mr. Allah would be removed from the voter rolls without question.

Another major VIP project is to upgrade the performance of poll workers in Ohio’s elections. Hamilton County alone must recruit over 2,000 people to staff its 500+ polling locations. Over the past two years much improvement has taken place as new poll workers have replaced workers with a history of poor performance. Poll workers must complete required training and commit to spending a full day (paid) in a polling location on election day. In the two years I have been a poll worker, I have seen substantial improvement in adherence to voting regulation requirements. Indeed voter fraud is being reduced.

Would you be interested in becoming a pollworker for the November 5 general election? If so, go to the Hamilton County Board of Elections web site for more information and to sign up.

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