Kasich Strong-Arms on Medicaid Expansion, Even at Goodness Luncheon

kasichBigGovernmentGovernor Kasich headed to Cleveland last week to accept the Sam Miller Goodness Award at the Project Love Celebration of Goodness luncheon. He was likely honored with the award due to his push to expand Medicaid in Ohio. It’s a funny thing, but while Kasich was being honored for his goodness, he couldn’t help doing a little strong-arming. The Columbus Dispatch reports Kasich spoke with Rep. Marlene Anielski at the event and described the conversation as […]

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Meet John Cranley and New City Council Candidates!

This is a reminder that the Cincinnati East Tea Party Candidiate Night will be held Wednesday, September 18 at the Oakley Community Center (next to the Biggs Market in the Hyde Park Shopping Center). A Meet & Greet begins at 6:30pm and the program at 7:00.

If you will be able to attend, and if you are on Facebook, please join the Facebook event and share it with your friends.

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BREAKING: Rep Graves’ bill defunds Obamacare – calls needed NOW!

Capitol Hill Building . Washington DC.A credible source tells the OLC that Obamacare can be defunded and a government shutdown avoided through the passage of a bill proposed late last week by Georgia Representative Tom Graves (R) – the Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution. See: http://tomgraves.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=349424 Rep. Graves’ bill accomplishes the following: Defunds Obamacare for one year. This allows for repeal/replace efforts to continue, or if necessary, further defunding. Takes the “government shutdown” narrative off the table.  Graves’ bill allows […]

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Another Inappropriate Common Core Text Paid For By Your Tax Dollars – $400 Million of Them

imagesIt is just the first month of school and Ohio parents need to be aware of yet another book on the Common Core list of exemplar texts that contains highly graphic, sexual material. The book in question, “Dreaming in Cuban” by Cristina Garcia, can be found on page 152 of the “Common Core Standards for English Language Arts – Text Exemplars,” conveniently placed just after “The Bluest Eye” on which the OLC reported earlier this month.  Parents can access […]

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State School Board President Speaks Out Against Common Core Text

debe_terharThe Columbus Dispatch reports State School Board President Debe Terhar has spoken out against the inclusion of “The Bluest Eye” on the Common Core list of exemplar texts for 11th graders. The OLC post, “Warning: Your 11th Grader May Read A Common Core Assigned Text” provides background on this issue and links to an article that contains excerpts from the book so that readers can understand the highly graphic and disturbing nature of this text. [...] Continue reading

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Medicaid Update—Some Good News

You will be encouraged by this report from the Ohio Liberty Coalition.  Excerpt:

Ohio has stood strong against [Medicaid] expansion to date, and the federal government will spend $13 billion less on Medicaid as a result.  Thanks to the 26 other states which have also opted out of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion or are exploring different options, another $600 billion in federal tax dollars have been saved, not to mention a major component of Obamacare has been blocked in half the country.

Better Messaging, Just Part of the Challenge for Conservatives

A lot of important discussion is occurring today about the need for conservatives and liberty-minded people to improve the quality of their messaging. We realize we must learn to speak in more personal terms and better correlate how the public policy w... Continue reading

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Call Today to Defund Obamacare, US House Vote Imminent

UnknownThe latest brain-child to come out of Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor’s offices is what is commonly known in the NBA as a “pump fake” where a player fakes a shot then passes to an open man or drives to the basket. Breitbart.com has learned House leadership plans to introduce a Continuing Resolution this week which funds the government at sequester levels and includes an amendment that defunds Obamacare. The defunding amendment, however, can [...]

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Portage County Tea Party reminds President: This Wednesday is September 11th

PortageCountyTeaParty-logo-webPortage County TEA Party 4682 State Route 43, Kent, OH 44240 • www.PortageCountyTEAParty.com PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2013 Contact: Tom Zawistowski TEA PARTY “WARNS” PRESIDENT OBAMA ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11th Kent, OH – The Portage County TEA Party today released a statement “warning” President Obama that Wednesday is September 11, 2013.  In making the statement, Executive Director Tom Zawistowski said, “Though it may seem obvious, we wanted to warn President Obama and his senior advisors, [...]

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September 18th: Cincinnati Mayor and City Council Candidates’ Night

The upcoming Cincinnati Mayor and City Council election presents a major opportunity to change the balance of power. The incumbent majority that has proven that they are incapable of implementing responsible fiscal management. The sale of parking rights, the street car plan, and insistence to pay prevailing union wages are just three examples. Thirteen non-incumbent candidates will be on the ballot. We have invited six of the more conservative candidates to our candidate night on Wednesday, September 18 so we can learn more about them. We hope you will join us for this informative meeting.

Get the details at our Events page.

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A Few Tickets Still Available from Ohio for Tuesday’s “Exempt America” from Obamacare Rally in D.C.

exempt_americaAt the time of this writing, there are still a few dozen tickets available for a trip to the “Exempt America” rally being held in Washington D.C. this coming Tuesday, September, 10, 2013.  From an email sent by Tea Party Patriots last Friday: During the August recess, Congress ignored us, they hid from us and they refused to meet with the very people who they represent. The truth is they don’t want to face the [...]

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The Land of Common Core Is No Camelot

camelotAs children in Ohio head back to school, parents will hear more and more about Common Core. Students will bring home Common Core aligned textbooks, there will be talk of online testing and parents will fill out registration forms asking for data not previously required. All the while, parents will hear teachers and principals spouting the benefits of Common Core; but if you look closely at the educators’ expressions and listen carefully to their words, [...]

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