Video: Arguments on Both Sides of 2013 Cincinnati Issue 4

counterdemoIt’s an off year as far as national politics are concerned, but don’t forget that if you live in the city of Cincinnati, there’s an important election next month:  We’ll be voting on City Council candidates, the next mayor, and a ballot initiative that could affect the area’s fortunes for decades to come: Issue 4, a city charter amendment to reform the pension system for Cincinnati government employees.

A recent event brought a two-member panel of experts to Cincinnati to discuss the current system and the proposed reform.  The Cincinnati Free Beacon has the video, as well as video of Issue 4’s animated opponents, who protested on the street corner outside the event.  Excerpt:

The event, headlined “Worse than You Think: Cincinnati’s Underfunded Pensions and an Analysis of Potential Reforms”, started with Professor Beaulier, who argued that public-employee pension systems tend to be subject to certain kinds of structural problems, but that successful reforms are possible. Excerpts:

The full article is at Cincinnati Free Beacon .com, which also has links to further information.

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