Son of Obamacare, Medicaid expansion, rears its ugly head through the Controlling Board

images-2The battle for Medicaid expansion in Ohio is starting to look a lot like the battle for its sire, Obamacare, with Kasich playing the part of the bull-headed ideologue willing to push through a destructive piece of legislation despite the cries for reason and restraint from the other side. In 2010, after solidifying Republican legislators to hold firm against passage of the reckless bill, the grassroots watched as Obama looked to manipulate and deal to get […]

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HHS did NOT want consumers to see Obamacare’s real cost

Health_and_Human_ServicesForbes magazine is reporting that the federal Obamacare website was intentionally designed so that consumers must first enter their personal information BEFORE seeing quotes for coverage. The reason for this was so the site could provide premium subsidy information in advance. HHS worried that if people saw the cost of Obamacare insurance plans without knowing the subsidy amount, “the underlying cost of Obamacare’s insurance plans would scare people away.” Read the full story from Forbes […] Continue reading

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CALLS NEEDED NOW: Stop Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Via Controlling Board

UnknownOn Friday Governor Kasich initiated his attempt to bypass the state legislature by requesting the Ohio Controlling Board to appropriate Obamacare funds for Medicaid expansion. Doing so ignores the will of the people who have fought for eight months to stop Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Ohio and ignores the constitutional limits established to preserve the checks and balances that serve as the basis of our government. The Controlling Board is a function of the Office […] Continue reading

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Update and Agenda — CETP Meeting Tuesday, October 15

Cincinnati East Tea Party Members,

Here is what you will miss if you are not at the Cincinnati East Tea Party Meeting Tuesday, October 15:

Cincinnati Pension Reform

Gary Greenberg, a critical member of the team that wrote the proposed Cincinnati Pension Reform amendment, will provide a detailed explanation of this initiative. You may have seen the opposition advertising which contains distortions, untruths and fear mongering. Local and national unions supported by numerous City Council candidates are desperate to maintain the gold plated and unaffordable pension system that is Cincinnati’s pathway to a Detroit bankruptcy. At the meeting, you will learn how this plan reins in spending, protects current pensioners and transforms the current system to the type of retirement plan that is by far the most common plan used in private industry.

Press Release, “Governor Kasich Bypasses Will of the People to Ram Medicaid Expansion through Backdoor”

Cleveland_Right_to_LifeBelow is an October 13th  press release from Cleveland Right to Life on Governor Kasich’s recent request to appropriate Obamacare Medicaid expansion funds through the Ohio Controlling Board. The release points out that the Governor’s request effectively “backdoors Obamacare into Ohio.” Cleveland, Ohio, October 13th 2013 Showing complete contempt for an estimated 75% of his Republican base who oppose Medicaid Expansion, Governor Kasich is set to bypass the Legislature and force Obamacare/ Medicaid Expansion on Ohioans. A […] Continue reading

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Common Core Update “Education Chairman Stebelton Jumps the Shark”

Ohioans_Against_Common_CoreHere is the latest update from (OACC). Calls are needed this week to Education Chairman Stebelton’s office! Last week there was a sponsor hearing in Columbus on legislation to help stop Common Core in Ohio. Attendance was “out the door.” From the latest OACC post, “Stebelton Jumps the Shark and Leaves Town,” We would dare say that Wednesday’s sponsor hearing was one of the largest of record and no doubt the source for the […]

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Sign Petition to tell Kasich “STOP trying to implement Obamacare”

Obama KasichIf you haven’t heard, Friday (October, 11th) Governor Kasich requested the Ohio Controlling Board to appropriate Obamacare funds for Medicaid expansion. If approved, this will essentially serve to implement Medicaid/Obamacare expansion in Ohio and bypass the legislature. Learn more about the story from Ohio Media Trackers at this link. We will be formulating a more detailed response to this deeply troubling development in the coming days. In the meantime, we have launched a “sign the petition” […]

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WSJ’s “Obamacaid” Makes You Wonder: What is Kasich thinking???

imagesIf Governor Kasich should happen to read the WSJ’s latest piece on Medicaid expansion, “Obamacaid,” you’ve got to wonder if he might start feeling a little silly for his efforts to push this sham on Ohio. And for those OLC members who have fought Kasich on this issue, you will enjoy seeing the WSJ recap many of our arguments: The US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion was unconstitutional. Even liberal justices Breyer […] Continue reading

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Shutdown News

World War II veterans retake their own monument

You’ve probably been keeping up with news during this government shutdown (or government slowdown, as Herman Cain calls it, since even some three quarters of the federal government continues running uninterrupted) on television or talk radio or National Review Online or Hot Air or your news media of choice.

But just in case and for your convenience, here is some of what has been happening, with links to sources (or links to places with links to sources):

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Kasich Looks At Expanding Medicaid the Obama Way

ObamaKasichHaving failed to convince the body of the people, the state legislature, to approve his plan to expand Medicaid in Ohio, Governor Kasich is considering a new course, one less representative and more, shall we say, authoritarian. In fact, those who enjoy a little irony, will find the name of his expedient slightly amusing: the Controlling Board. Although, it sounds a bit like the stuff of a cold-war thriller, the Controlling Board is actually a […]

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One Day Constitution Boot Camp, October 19th

Join Jim Lewis and John Hindery, local Constitution experts, for a Constitutional Boot Camp Class.  This past year they have conducted several sessions of their 10-week Constitution class that covers all aspects of the Constitution. Cincinnati Tea Party is sponsoring a one day … Continue reading

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New Poll Shows More Ohioans Blame President and Senate Democrats for “Shutdown” than Republicans

SurveyFrom: Ohio Conservative Review PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Saturday, October 5, 2013 Contact: Adam Josefczyk, Adam [at] ohioconservativereview [dot] com 513-720-6463 Columbus, Ohio – Today, the Ohio Conservative Review ( conducted an automated telephone poll of 514 Ohioans which showed that more Ohioans blame President Obama and the Democratic Senate for the Government “shutdown” than blame Republicans by a margin of 35.03% to 33.66%. Equally significant, the poll found that 31.31% of Ohioans […]

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Opportunity Ohio Releases Levy Calculator & School Data Tool

imagesToday Opportunity Ohio released a new transparency tool to help citizens hold their school districts accountable for spending choices.  This tool will be especially valuable to homeowners as they try to figure out how money proposed levies will cost them annually.  The tool also contains fiscal information for each district.  Please check out this groundbreaking tool here. Below is the press release that Opportunity Ohio sent out earlier today: Contact:  Mary McCleary, 614-636-2663 Opportunity Ohio […] Continue reading

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Ohio State Rep Pushing Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Gets Publicity in Toledo

Sears_AFP_Mailer-300x163I’m guessing that this is not exactly the kind of publicity that Representative Barbara Sears would like, but maybe she should have considered that before jumping on board with Obamacare. From the Toledo Tea Party posting, Obamacare Medicaid Expansion billboards popping up in Toledo area: The push to stop Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Ohio just got bumped up a notch. If you’ve been driving around Toledo the last few days, you may have noticed several […]

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