Batten Down the Hatches: Health Care Cancellation Tsunami on Its Way

Ships_The_ship_and_the_wave_of_the_tsunami_022366_We have all heard the number from the Associated Press – 4.2 million health insurance cancellation notices sent to customers in the individual market as a result of Obamacare.  But that’s nothing compared to what’s to come. Fox News reports that by next fall a second wave of cancellation notices will hit that will make the first wave look like a ripple.  50 – 100 million cancellation notices are expected  beginning in October 2014 as […] Continue reading

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State’s Forced Chemo on Amish Child Violates Parental Rights, Health Care Freedom

pen729FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 26, 2013 MEDIA CONTACT Maurice A . Thompson State sues to take Amish family’s daughter and force chemo on her after chemo nearly kills her and family chooses different treatment option Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today began representation of Andy and Anna Hershberger, parents of Sarah Hershberger, a ten year old Amish girl upon whom the State of Ohio, through Akron Children’s Hospital, seeks to force […] Continue reading

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Kasich Proposes Medicaid Cuts to Poor and Disabled Children

images-1Ohioans have heard a great deal from Governor Kasich about the need to expand Medicaid to Ohio’s low income adults.  While Kasich waxed eloquent on the topic, he failed to mention that doing so would mean cutting funding to Ohio’s children, those 1.2 million poor and disabled children on Medicaid. The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Ohio’s six pediatric hospitals may now suffer Medicaid payment reductions that were built into Governor Kasich’s original Medicaid expansion proposal. […] Continue reading

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Ohio Unemployment Rate Moves Higher than National Average; Right-to-work States Do Better, Forced-unionization States Worse

Decline in Ohio jobsThe Buckeye Institute has its monthly report out, “Ohio by the Numbers” for October 2013.  As the Buckeye Institute explains,

The October 2013 Ohio By the Numbers report (now available on the Buckeye Institute website) shows 8,700 private sector jobs gained. However, the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.5 percent while the labor force declined by slightly over 6,000.

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Congressmen, Christmas and the Constitution….oh my…

SouthWest Cincinnati Tea Party Meeting When: Monday, November 25th, 5:45pm Dinner available, 7:00pm Meeting Where:  The Farm, 239 Anderson Ferry For more information visit:  Special Guest Speaker:  Josh Mandel – State Treasurer of Ohio, Ohio Treasurer’s report and outlook … Continue reading

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Forty Congressmen File Amicus Curiae Brief to Support Lawsuit against Obamacare

According to World Net Daily, one of the lawsuits still pending against Obamacare

argues that since the U.S. Constitution requires that revenue-raising measures originate in the U.S. House and Obamacare was created in the Senate, the law is unconstitutional. The case is headed toward the Supreme Court.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who has been leading the Obamacare charge since its inception, took a House-passed bill, deleted its contents and then substituted the Senate’s 2,000-page bill.

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School Heaves Obama Lunch Menu

fresh stir fry  vegetablesPresident Obama and his know-it-all government planners have been foiled again – this time over their National School Lunch Program. The note below was included in the newsletter of a private Catholic grade school in Cincinnati, OH (November 21, 2013) regarding the future of their “responsibly reformed” school lunch program: In the past year or so we have seen a significant decrease in the number of students buying lunches. Our numbers have dropped from 50% […]

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Ohio: HB 237 CommonCore Repeal Recap

The-Ohio-Out-HouseFirst, a heart-filled thanks to the hundreds of people who showed up yesterday…given that we pay for representative government, in our opinion, we deserved more than what we got from House Republican “leadership.” The hearing did not get underway until … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ohio House passes Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Law Reform

Buckeye Firearms AssociationBuckeye Firearms Association 495 East Mound Street, Suite 200 Columbus, Ohio 43215 Contact: Jim Irvine Additional Media Information FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 20, 2013 House passes Ohio’s Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Law Reform (HB 203) COLUMBUS, OH – HB 203, a bill that seeks to update Ohio’s concealed carry program, has passed the Ohio House with a 62 to 27 vote, and will now be forwarded to the Ohio Senate for consideration. HB 203 has […] Continue reading

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Help Stop Common Core in Ohio

The message below from the Ohio Liberty Council notes three important subjects that will command much attention by Tea Party groups across Ohio in 2014. I particularly want to draw your attention to the opportunity we have in 2014 to influence the actions of the Hamilton County Republican Party by electing representatives to the Hamilton County Republican Party Central Committee. This is done through the election of a Precinct Executive in each Hamilton County Precinct.

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Federal Court Rules SB 47 Unconstitutional

1851CenterFederal Court: SB 47 Restrictions on Petition Circulation Unconstitutional Columbus, OH – A federal court enjoined the state from enforcing Senate Bill 47′s new limits on Ohioans’ Initiative and Referendum rights. Specifically, the Court held that Ohio’s new ban on Ohioans contracting with non-Ohioans to circulate initiative petitions violates Ohioans’ First Amendment Rights. The ruling, made by Judge Watson of the Columbus division of the Southern District of Ohio, paves the way for Ohioans advancing […]

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Poll Results: Cincinnati Needs Pension Reform

We asked, “Do you support or oppose 2013 Cincinnati Issue 4, the charter amendment to reform Cincinnati’s public-pension system?”  We got ten responses.  Here are the results from those who chose to respond:

70% Yes. Without reforms like this, Cincinnati could go the way of Detroit.

20% No. I’m afraid the measure will do more harm than good.

10% I’m still undecided.

Issue 4 went on to lose 78-22 in this month’s elections (article at WCPO, election results from the Hamilton County Board of Elections).

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Common Core Hearing Wednesday, 11/20 in Columbus

Red apple coreThe second hearing for HB237 is set for Wednesday, November 20 at 5:00pm in Statehouse Room 313 (same room as the first hearing). The Atrium with a video link has been requested for overflow. From Ohioans against Common Core: “Representative Thompson believes the primary reason HB237 is receiving a second hearing is the overwhelming support and turnout at the sponsor testimony. Our record turnout put an end to their claim that we are few in […] Continue reading

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High School Student Makes Us Think: Should Our Schools Produce Robots or Free Minds?

UnknownPlease watch the following video of Ethan Young, a high school senior, tear apart the Common Core Standards. Mr. Young brings up many strong points: The Standards were a product of unaccountable non profits – not state elected officials and teachers. The Standards focus too much on data gathering and performance measurement. Teachers are teaching to standardized tests churning out one size fits all students instead of providing a broad and enriching curriculum. The Standards […] Continue reading

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A Most Interesting Meeting Tuesday, November 19th

See the note below for details of a most interesting meeting being sponsored by Eastern Hills Community Action. The Cincinnati East Tea Party will not have a meeting in November. This meeting offers a great substitute event. Our next meeting will be in January.

Jason Hart Presents the Rest of the Story
Tuesday, November 19th 7:00 PM
Connections Church: 7421 East Galbraith Rd in Madeira, Ohio 45243

Obamacare’s Really Ugly Numbers

obamacare-wreckby Jim Woods, Medina County Friends and Neighbors Obamacare is beginning to generate some really ugly numbers. According to Bloomberg, only 49,100 people have enrolled thus far; about 3% of what the Obama administration expected at this point. Even worse is that the number of new Medicaid enrollees is estimated by CBS News to be 440,000; ten times as many Medicaid enrollees as Obamacare enrollees. The Obama administration expected the opposite. Obamacare needs to have […] Continue reading

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The Ohio Obamacare Three: Balancing the Federal Budget with Universal Health Care

UnknownSenate President Keith Faber has joined forces with the Kasich-Taylor team in demanding a constitutional convention to seek a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Ohio Republicans received an email from Faber yesterday touting the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 5 which calls for a convention. Looks like Faber is in damage control mode trying to bulk up his conservative credentials after enabling Governor Kasich to circumvent the Ohio Assembly to expand Medicaid through the […] Continue reading

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Give me your sandwich, and your health care too!

imagesIn the following video clip, Dinesh D’Souza exposes the false morality of Obamacare with an insightful analogy about a sandwich. The clip is just over a year old, but it is a good reminder of why Obamacare was fundamentally flawed from the outset. Don’t let the press’ coverage of Obamacare’s system failures throw you off the mark.  The health exchange rollout could have gone perfectly and Obamacare would still be a disaster. It is not […] Continue reading

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