Stop Cincinnati’s Streetcar to Detroit and the Theft of the City’s Parking Assets NOW!

by Nick Noel

The people who have been running this city for the last few years, Mayor Mallory, Council Majority Members Qualls, Sittenfeld, Young, Thomas, Quinlivan, Simpson, and Seelbach, have been no better than a gang of thieves. Together, they’ve taken a lot of money belonging to the citizens of Cincinnati that should have been used for public safety, paving roads, maintaining other infrastructure, making payments into the pension fund, and other legitimate functions of city government.

Instead of spending it on good government, they’ve been throwing the tax money away on the mayor’s world travel and frivolous projects they thought would buy them votes, including an intended monument to Mallory called the streetcar, that would turn us into the next Detroit and drag down the city’s finances for decades if ever completed.

Every time citizens protested their actions, their Manager Dohoney threatened to further damage public safety by laying off police and firefighters. When their wasteful and frivolous spending required taking more and more money from legitimate purposes, he helped them plot a way to effectively steal the value of the city’s parking assets from citizens and taxpayers for the next 30-50 years to cover their spending addiction.

Through this nightmare for Cincinnati, the only Council Members who consistently stood up for the citizens were Winburn and Smitherman.

Now the citizens have spoken. Mallory, Qualls, Quinlivan, and Thomas are out of office. Dohoney is gone, too, but will get a quarter million dollar payoff for the damage he did. A new mayor and council majority have promised to restore responsible government. But Sittenfeld, who pretended to support them until he got re-elected, has re-joined the other surviving bad actors Young, Simpson, and Seelbach to stand against the citizens.

Don’t let them get away with it! It’s time to stop the damage now. Stop the Streetcar and their theft of the value of the City’s parking assets now!


Nick Noel is the author of The Rise and Fall of Freedom in the United States of America

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