Cincinnati East Tea Party January – March 2014 Community Group Meetings

Thursdays, January 9, 16 & 23, 7:30pm@Clark Montessori School

Precinct Executive Elections

The Cincinnati East Tea Party is participating in a major county-wide effort to elect as many Hamilton County Republican Party Precinct Executives as possible. Our focus is on Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. The importance of this is highlighted by the fact that precinct executives:

  • Elect the Chairman of The Hamilton County Republican Party
  • Influence which conservative candidates get on the ballot
  • Influence voter turnout in their precinct

To learn more about being a Precinct Executive please attend any one of three orientation meetings to be held at Clark Montessori School, 3030 Erie Avenue in Hyde Park beginning at 7:30pm. Political power starts at the Precinct Executive level. These meetings will show how you can make a huge difference in election outcomes. If you would like to learn more before then, e-mail us.


Thursday, February 20, 7pm@Clark Montessori School

Making A Difference In 2014

2014 is a critical election year with opportunities to build majorities in the U. S. House of Representatives, gain Republican control of the U. S. Senate and maintain Republican control of all major statewide and Hamilton County Commissioner offices. The Southwest Ohio race with the most national attention will be John Boehner’s re-election contest. Our February meeting will focus what can be done to help assure successful outcomes across all of these challenging races.

  • Featured Speaker — Alan McIntyre, Ohio Leader of the Frederick Douglass Republicans: “Changing The Game in Southwest Ohio”
  • Support/Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sign-ups for areas of interest


Thursday, March 20, 7pm@ Clark Montessori School

Candidate Night

This meeting will feature candidates for critical races in the May 5 primary election. Candidates to be announced.

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