Help Needed: First Capital Tea Party Urges Senator Brown to Address Social Security Reform

imagesFirst Capital Tea Party of Ross County is focused on Social Security reform and U.S. Senate Democrats’ stonewalling of this issue.  The group discussed the following points at their January meeting which were brought to light from the research of Alan Davis, one of the group’s members: Statements in the media from certain Democrat Senators, most notably Senators Dick Durbin and Harry Reid, have misrepresented the urgent nature of the need for Social Security reform […] Continue reading

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Ohio Supreme Court Delivers a Blow to Liberty and a Win to King Kasich

imagesOhioans received a lump of coal this Christmas and its time we poured out the contents of our stockings and took a closer look.  In a 4-3 decision days before Christmas, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld Medicaid expansion in Ohio leaving constitutionalists scratching their heads wondering what they did to deserve such a wrong-headed ruling. The suit, brought by six Republican state legislators and two Ohio Right to Life groups, challenged the Ohio Controlling Board’s […]

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Springfield Township Trustees Declare Emergency, Use Loophole, and Exempt Themselves to Place Tax on Ballot

UnknownTuesday night, Springfield Township officials voted unanimously to declare an emergency and to put a new earnings tax on the ballot for the  May 6, 2014 primary. Residents will get to decide whether or not businesses in the township will have to pay a new 1.5% tax on their net profits, and whether employees of these businesses will also pay a 1.5% earnings tax on their paychecks. This is especially troubling considering that under normal […] Continue reading

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Third Base Politics Props Up Kasich in Left Field

single-leftfield-rof1Like the third baseman who protects the left field line, Third Base Politics spends a lot of time protecting Ohio’s left of center governor.  In a recent blogpost, Jake3BP resorted to some hardball suggesting that OLC has lost its “credibility” and has “morphed into an anti-Kasich mouthpiece.”  Apparently, Jake’s afraid OLC is no longer concerned with advancing liberty-minded principles. Well Jake3BP, there’s nothing to fear because OLC has never stopped advancing liberty.  In fact, even […] Continue reading

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Meet some of your representatives at Pancake Breakfast 2/8/14

The Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club is hosting its 15th annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday February 8th.  I’m told that this is a great venue to meet local elected Republican officials, and the keynote speaker will be Senator Rob Portman.  Tickets are $20 each.  The event will be held at the Sharonville Convention Center at 9:00 a.m.

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Republican Party rejects Common Core, calls for education to be returned to local and state control

This week, the Hamilton County Republican Party announced that it opposes Common Core as an attempt to nationalize school curricula.  The HCRP adopts the resolution issued by the Republican National Committee last year, which can be read in full here (at a concise one page, the whole thing is worth reading).  Excerpt:

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Everyone else is doing it…

This is a reminder that the Cincinnati East Tea Party, Women For Liberty, Frederick Douglass Society and the Anderson Tea Party are are holding a series of Thursday night information meetings on January 16, 23 and 30 at 7:30pm at Clark Montessori School, 3030 Erie Avenue. This meeting is for those interested in learning more about the absolutely critical role of Precinct Executives and how conservatives can exercise great influence in the Hamilton County Republican Party by populating every precinct with Constitutionally Conservative Precinct Executives.

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Help Restore Conservative Leadership in Ohio

2014 PrimaryThe political parties are nothing more than the people who serve in them.  If you want to change our state’s direction, you must change the people in charge. February 5th, 2014 is the filing deadline for petitions to be submitted to run in the 2014 Primary Election for county central committee, state central committee, state Representative, state Senate and many other races. Would you consider running for one of these important positions? In particular, central […]

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Libertarians Win Challenge to John Kasich Re-Election Protection Act

imagesThe Columbus Dispatch reports that a law dubbed by its opponents as the John Kasich Re-Election Protection Act has been blocked by U.S. District Court Judge Michael H. Watson who ruled in favor of the Libertarian Party which had filed a constitutional challenge. Watson issued a preliminary injunction against the law that would have kept minor parties from holding a primary election in 2014 and increased the number of signatures required for ballot access. Watson […]

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Breaking News: No Primary Challenge for Governor Kasich

Earlier this week, news came out that Clermont County Tea Party leader Ted Stevenot was going to challenge incumbent John Kasich for the Republican nomination for governor.  Excerpt from the Media Trackers Ohio story:

“Former Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC) President Ted Stevenot will challenge Governor John Kasich in Ohio’s May 6 primary election, a January 1 press release confirms.

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Stevenot Decides Not to Run for Governor

Stevenot Mack LogoFor Immediate Release: Saturday, January 4, 2014 CINCINNATI, OH – Ted Stevenot released the following statement today regarding his possible run for Ohio Governor in the 2014 Republican primary. Stevenot said, “On January 1st, I released an announcement about a press conference originally scheduled to occur 1:00 PM, January 7th in Columbus to announce my candidacy for Ohio Governor in the upcoming Republican primary. Though my running mate, Brenda Mack, and I have received a […]

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Ohio Tea Party Leader Ted Stevenot to Run in May 2014 Republican Primary Against Incumbent Governor John Kasich

tedstevenotTED STEVENOT TO MAKE CANDIDACY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR OHIO GOVERNOR. CINCINNATI, OH – On Tuesday, January 7, 2014, state conservative TEA Party leader Ted Stevenot will make a major announcement concerning his Republican candidacy for Ohio governor. Stevenot, a past president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and a business owner from the Cincinnati area, will be holding a press conference at 1:00 PM January 7, 2014, at the Holiday Inn Capitol Square, 175 East Town St., […] Continue reading

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