Republican Party rejects Common Core, calls for education to be returned to local and state control

This week, the Hamilton County Republican Party announced that it opposes Common Core as an attempt to nationalize school curricula.  The HCRP adopts the resolution issued by the Republican National Committee last year, which can be read in full here (at a concise one page, the whole thing is worth reading).  Excerpt:

Whereas, even though Federal Law prohibits the federalizing of curriculum, the Obama Administration accepted the CCSS plan and used 2009 Stimulus Bill money to reward the states that were most committed to the president’s CCSS agenda; but, they failed to give states, their legislatures and their citizens time to evaluate the CCSS before having to commit to them; . . .

Resolved, the Republican National Committee, as stated in the 2012 Republican Party Platform, “do[es] not believe in a one size fits all approach to education and supports providing broad education choices to parents and children at the State and local level,” . . . .

The HCRP’s statement is currently available on its Web site and permanently available on Facebook:

Hamilton County GOP supports RNC Resolution Concerning Common Core Standards

The Hamilton County Republican Party joins the Republican National Committee in condemning Common Core Standards. On April 13, 2013, the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution condemning the federal intrusion and takeover of local public schools. Joining other local conservatives, the Hamilton County GOP supports the effort against Common Core by adopting the RNC resolution.

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