Ohio Political Establishment Facing Unprecedented Challenges from Conservatives in Primaries

The following is a press release reprinted from the Portage County, Ohio Tea Party.

Akron, OH: The Ohio Citizens PAC announced today that a coalition of TEA Party, pro-life and pro-marriage advocates, home schoolers and other conservative groups worked together to place an unprecedented number of challenges to incumbents on the ballot during Wednesday and Thurday’s filing deadline. Highlighting this effort are primary challenges to seven of the eight Ohio Republican Senators, challenges to Republican Congressman John Boehner and Dave Joyce, dozens of challenges to both Republican and Democrat incumbents in the Ohio House, plus over 20 challenges to incumbents on the Republican State Central Committee, hundreds of conservatives filing for county central committee seats in both the Democratic and Republican parties and a yet to be counted number running in local races against incumbents.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, said “The past two days conservatives once again demostrated to the political establishment that, despite their wishful thinking to the contrary, our movement is in fact growing in size and strength and is willing and able to challenge them in unprecedented ways. We understand that we will never get the governance we seek until the people voting on policy are there to represent the people and not special interest. The two establishment parties have hijacked not only our government but also our political process. Through bribes, intimidation and suspect legal tactics they work to make sure that the only choice citizens have on the ballot is to choose between the candidates the elites choose for us – which is no choice at all. By recruiting common citizens to run for office, and by other citizens committing to work to elect and hold accountable those elected to serve, we seek to resort our representative form of government. That is why today in Ohio you are seeing all of these challenges to incumbents. Citizens are simply sick and tired of being lied to and taken advantage of and they are willing to do something about it.”

Zawistowski went on to say that “While we are fully aware that our candidates will be out-spent by millions of dollars, we intend to compete accross the board and expect to win important seats at all levels. The political establishment may have a lot of money, but they are going to have to spread it very thin to cover all the challenges they face, and their money can not buy anything approaching our ground game. This is a win-win for Ohio citizens and a lose-lose for the political establishment and their union and crony capitalist backers. Voters just need to decide one thing, do they want to vote for an elitist incumbent who has already been bought by those controlling the party or do they want to vote for a citizen like themselves who can not be bought and will always represent them? Thomas Paine said “All that is required for good governance is common sense.” I would add integrity as well. Those are the kind of poeple we have recruited to run for office and I am extremely proud of them anx everyone who helped put this effort together.”

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