Open Thread: Who Are Your Favorite Candidates in the May 6th Primaries?

(Read the Cincinnati Tea Party 2014 Candidate Pledge)

The Cincinnati East Tea Party does not endorse candidates, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t!  Discuss which candidates you think best embody the Tea Party values expressed in our Cincinnati Tea Party candidate pledge, or who your favorite candidates are, and why, by commenting below.

Please help observe our pledge yourself by staying positive and civil!

Four ways to help liberty-candidates win this primary

Vote in the PrimaryOne of the most important elections for changing our country’s direction is the primary. In heavily gerrymandered states like Ohio, for many races, the primary is the deciding election.  It is also the only opportunity we have to increase the citizens’ voice inside the political parties through central committee elections. Whatever candidates you choose to support […] Continue reading

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Take Time to Contemplate George Washington’s First Inaugural Address on Its 225th Anniversary

imagesThe United States recognizes an important milestone tomorrow.  April 30th marks the 225th anniversary of George Washington’s first inaugural address delivered in 1989 in New York City.  Washington was elected President by the unanimous vote of the Electoral College.  John Adams who received the second most votes became Vice President. Washington was sworn into office on the balcony of Federal Hall overlooking Wall Street with a crowd of 10,000 people looking on. describes the […]

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Common Core 101 – Full Presentations Now Available, Please SHARE!

Dear Friends – It is critical that you watch and share these videos. We are so fortunate to have had the privilege of hosting presenters of such caliber with hearts for our shared cause. We must use these truth to power presentations to END COMMON CORE. There is no excuse for this to be inflicted […] Continue reading

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There’s No Denying It: Common Core Bill HB 413 Skirts the People

imagesTom Zawistoski addresses the article “HB 413 Uses Controlling Board to Shut Statehouse Doors to Accountability and Public Debate on State Achievement Tests” in his April 23rd radio podcast of “Tea Party Talk with Tom.”  The article raises the issue of the Ohio Assembly’s reliance on the Controlling Board to pass major policy initiatives, and thus avoid public accountability. HB 413 delays the controversial Common Core PARCC tests and calls on the Controlling Board to approve recommendations for […]

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True Nature of Obamacare Beginning to Hit Home

images-1Despite the best efforts of the Obama administration, the majority of Americans have figured out by now that Obamacare is a ruse. Through speeches and media reports the Administration continues to give the appearance that they have developed a vibrant and efficient health insurance marketplace, but fewer and fewer are buying the lie.  An April 14th Rasumussen poll found that 58% of voters now view the health care law unfavorably, up from 52% in January. […] Continue reading

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Will Ohio’s Political Speech Laws Hold Up In Court?

Supreme CourtOn Tuesday morning, April 22nd, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments concerning whether or not the Ohio Elections Commission violates the free speech of Ohioans. On the surface, the OEC often acts on behalf of political incumbents and well-financed campaigns to shut down political rivals and dissenters. On behalf of Ohio’s citizens, The 1851 Center For Constitutional Law has filed an amicus brief maintaining that the Ohio political class uses the electoral […] Continue reading

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Reagan’s Easter and Passover Message From 1983 Just As Powerful Today

President Reagan at famous "Tear Down This Wall" speech, June 12, 1987The Heritage Foundation has linked to President Reagan’s radio address from April 2, 1983 as the country was observing Easter and Passover. President Reagan talks about the unifying power of faith and the hope and the resilience faith in God provides enabling the human spirit to overcome great obstacles.  Here is the body of Reagan’s remarks, “This week Jewish families and friends have been celebrating Passover, a tradition rich in symbolism and meaning. Its observance […] Continue reading

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Welcome to The Common Core Zone

UnknownArt imitates life and sometimes art exaggerates it. That’s what we see in the Twilight Zone episode, “Examination Day,” embedded below.  The episode is from 1985, but it manages to paint a picture of education that in part rings true today – the centralized control of education by a too powerful government and the erosion of society’s celebration of the individual and the unique gifts each of us are given. George Bush gave us No […] Continue reading

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Forward Event Video to Your Legislators & Meet to Discuss

“Bring Your Legislator to Class Day – Common Core 101″ – A great success thanks to you! Unfortunately, the large majority of our elected representatives continue to ignore and dismiss concerned constituents. There is a remedy though. To quote Dr. Terrence Moore “I want to give you real evidence so you can go out and […]

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Common Core 101 – Breitbart Article Recaps Event

A group of Ohio grassroots activists who want the Common Core standards repealed in their state is taking the issue to their legislators and letting them know that if they want to be re-elected, they must commit to repealing the centralized education standards. A Columbus auditorium packed in 600 Ohioans on April 9 as parents, […]

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Patriots Day Deserves Widespread Recognition

images“Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five; Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year.” American school children should all know at least the first verse of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride.”  The full poem can be found here. We post the poem today in remembrance of Revere’s historic ride on April 18, 1775 […] Continue reading

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Big Macs, Late Night Movies Readily Available; Health Insurance Is Not

images-1It may be hard for some Americans to wrap their minds around it.  I’m talking about those of us who appreciate the convenience and the myriad of choices available to consumers in a free market economy.  But, in a country where you can buy a Big Mac 24 hours a day and download a movie off Netflix at 2 A.M., you cannot buy health insurance for the next eight months — an odd conundrum  to […]

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When It Comes to Obamacare Social Policy Trumps Health Care & Constitutional Rights

hobbylobby-300x195Obamacare is not as much about health care policy as it is about social policy.  The massive wealth redistribution accomplished through the ACA’s many taxes, fees, fines, subsidies, and tax credits which reward some while punishing others is just one example of this point.  Another example is the requirement for businesses to offer contraception and abortion-inducing drugs through employer sponsored health insurance plans regardless of the religious beliefs of the employer. The Weekly Standard reveals […] Continue reading

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Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally

Please make note that there will NOT be an April Cincinnati East Tea Party Meeting. In lieu of the April Meeting, we encourage all members to attend the April 15 Tax Day Rally (details below). This will be a most informative and enjoyable celebration.

Join the Cincinnati Tea Party as it celebrates its 5th anniversary with a rally, remembering how far it has come as a movement and where it goes from here.

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