Open Thread: Who Are Your Favorite Candidates in the May 6th Primaries?

(Read the Cincinnati Tea Party 2014 Candidate Pledge)

The Cincinnati East Tea Party does not endorse candidates, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t!  Discuss which candidates you think best embody the Tea Party values expressed in our Cincinnati Tea Party candidate pledge, or who your favorite candidates are, and why, by commenting below.

Please help observe our pledge yourself by staying positive and civil!

2 thoughts on “Open Thread: Who Are Your Favorite Candidates in the May 6th Primaries?

  1. At this time, I truly am unable to say which candidate is my favorite. I know I must be aware of all candidates views on how we can get back to our founding principles which has made this country great. Our constitution was drawn to protect We The People. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves. Parson out the good and the ugly brought forth to us by candidates, so we may make a good decision on who we wish to bring us back to the future.

  2. The Tea Party started out as notnihg more than a bunch of grassrooters making a statement. I for one, put on a couple of Tea Parties. Now, the term Tea Party has become muddle in the eyes of the general public whereas there are no official leaders, some candidates have run under the Tea Party banner and no one is sure what it is anymore. There are also those who have tried to decieve the public by claiming to be Tea PArty but not following the original principles for their own gian. The closest thing to an official Tea Party would have to be the Tea Party Express which has run two buses across the ZCountry three times in support of Republican candidates. If they look like a Republican, talk like a Republican and act like a Republican, back them!

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