Flash: Volunteers Needed For Robinson-Criddle ORP Race

As Christa Criddle and I enter the final week of our campaign for the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee in Ohio Senate District 9, I want to let you know how well our campaign has been going and what lies ahead as May 6 approaches. Our remaining critical need is for outdoor poll workers (see below).  To learn more about this race, visit www.ConnectWithBurr.org or www.ChristaCriddle.com

We have had a wonderful outpouring of volunteer support. Usually, campaigns for a party position get a few dedicated volunteers. So far we have had over 30. This has allowed us to distribute our literature personally to 4,000 Republican Primary voters and 1,000 absentee voters.

This week is, of course, critical. We will be sending out two robo phone calls to Ninth District Republicans, one from Christa and one from me. We also expect a major article on the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee races to run in the Enquirer on Friday. This push is important because my opponent is well known (Stanley Aronoff) and Christa’s opponent (Chrystal Faulkner) is strongly supported by the ORP and is spending heavily to defeat Christa, a principled incumbent who isn’t a rubber stamp.

The last remaining  major effort is to have volunteers hand out voter guides at as many polling sites as possible. Of all of our campaign activities, this is the most important. We are targeting the 36 polling sites with the highest Republican turnout. So far we have nine covered. In other words, we need help! Each polling site has three shifts (6:30 – 9:30am; 11-2pm; 4-7pm). If you can work one or more of these shifts, it would be an enormous help.  We need to know by Friday in order to get materials distributed over the weekend so please respond asap.

Note: The Ninth Ohio Senate District  includes the City of Cincinnati (except Mt. Lookout and Mt. Washington) plus Norwood, Wyoming and Springfield Township). If you live outside this district and want to volunteer for Marsha Haberer (District 7) or Barbara Holwadel (District 8), let me know.

Burr Robinson

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