Poll Results: Cut Spending

In our (admittedly unscientific) Internet poll for last fall’s elections, more than half of those who responded preferred cutting spending rather than increasing taxes to preserve Cincinnati’s historic landmark buildings Music Hall and the Museum Center/Union Terminal.

At the polls on November 4th, moderation and Tea Party leaders prevailed, as a sales-tax ballot issue to save Union Terminal separate from Music Hall (similar to the second option below) won with more than 61%.

Question: “What do you think the county and city should do first about Union Terminal and Music Hall?”


Cultural Facilities Task Force’s tax increase for both buildings: 11%

Citizens Oversight Board’s Fair Share Approach for Union Terminal: 11%

privatize them, auction them off: 11%

cut spending elsewhere (such as by scrapping the Street Car) to pay for their upkeep: 56%

raze the buildings and replace them with something practical: 0

other: 11%

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