Community Forum: Restoring America’s Foundation of Constitutional Government


Your Invitation To A Presentation
Restoring and Protecting America’s
Foundation of Constitutional Government

Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 7pm,
Mariemont Community Church
3908 Plainville Road, 45227

Presentation Highlights

* How Judeo-Christian culture, faith, and values are being confronted and eliminated from American life.

* Why the foundation of our rights is crumbling.

* The importance and role of constitutional government.

* Useful tools to reclaim America’s Constitutional heritage and pass this baton to our youth.

Featured Speaker: Ricki Pepin

Ricki is a published author and international lecturer whose home is in Springfield, Ohio.

Her primary passion is teaching citizens how to work together to restore America’s foundations and to pass on this heritage to our youth. To that end, she has been leading courses on the U. S. Constitution, in an 18 year collaboration with the Institute On The Constitution.

Her ultimate desire is to bring a return to limited, Constitutional government where everyone has the freedom to discover and walk out their own God-given destinies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This event is for people of all ages with a special focus on high school and college age students.

Event sponsored by the Cincinnati East Tea Party and presented in cooperation with local liberty groups.

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