Refugee Resettlement: What Is the Issue?

More than likely, you know that America’s borders are becoming increasingly more open. While the flood of Muslim refugees in the United States has not reached the proportions entering many European countries, the numbers in the U. S. are growing rapidly.  Many communities are committing to accept refugees not realizing the dangers and risks involved. A local research team has gathered extensive data and information and will present it at a Cincinnati East Tea Party meeting on Tuesday, October 20 beginning at 7pm at the Oakley Center. See below for additional information.

An informed citizenry is necessary to act as a watch dog to protect its community. Join us at this meeting to become equipped to be a watchful citizen.


Your Invitation To a Presentation

“Refugee Resettlement:
What Is the Issue?”

Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 7pm
Oakley Community Center
Hyde Park Shopping Center
(Next To Remke Market)

Presentation Highlights
  • When did it begin and who is organizing it?
  • How is it accomplished?
  • How is resettlement affecting Europe?
  • How is it affecting the United States?
  • What can we do about it?

“One major reform I want to see is that local communities that will be receiving refugees be completely and thoroughly informed of the good and bad aspects of the program.  They should have the whole truth laid out.  If the program is good the public will accept it, but if the federal government can’t sell it (with all the facts on the table!) to the community then the community shouldn’t have to accept any refugees.  We help bring facts to citizens of local communities”.

Ann Corcoran
Editor, Refugee Resettlement Watch
Event sponsored by the Cincinnati East Tea Party and presented by a local research team.

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