Cincinnati East Tea Party Community Forums

Below are details of three Cincinnati East Tea Party Community Forums scheduled during March, April and May. All three forum will be held at the Oakley Community Center located east of the Remke Market in the Hyde Park Plaza. The meetings begin with a Meet and Greet at 6:30pm and the Program starts at 7pm. Time for a Q & A  is planned for both presentations.

You won’t want to miss our next forum which features excellent speakers on two very relevant topics, Media Bias with guest speaker Peter Bhatia, Editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Analysis of the National Political Scene by political commentator Al Tuchfarber, PHD.

We looking forward to having you join us for these informative and lively programs.

Spring 2017
Cincinnati East Tea Party
Community Forums

Please mark your calendars and commit to attend the upcoming informative and most pertinent Cincinnati East Tea Party community forums.


Thursday, March 30, 6:30pm
Oakley Community Center

Speaker: Peter Bhatia, Cincinnati Enquirer Vice President and Editor will present his views on matters related to the decline in public approval and confidence in the media. In particular, he will discuss how the Enquirer deals with questions related to news and editorial balance, truthful reporting, fake news and related matters. This will be an open forum with significant time for Q & A. Our intent is to have a lively discussion conducted in a respectful manner.

 Speaker: Noted Political Analyst, Al Tuchfarber, will present insightful and relevant analysis of the national political scene. Dr. Tuchfarber has become widely known for his balanced and perceptive insights and ability to separate meaningful from inconsequential events.  He has accurately forecasted the results of he last two presidential races.  His presentation will include Q &A.


Thursday, April 20, 6:30pm
Oakley Community Center

Cincinnati Police Faith Based Community Liaison Officer Louis Arnold will speak to the importance of building strong police/community relations, providing insight on how this happens and desired outcomes. This will be an engaging presentation addressing the critical topic of police and public safety.


Monday, May 15, 6:30pm
Oakley Community Center

Denise Mayer and Mary Siegel of the Ohio Voter Integrity Project will speak to the reality and impact of voter fraud. Free and fair elections are a bedrock of a free society and citizens must be vigilant to protect election integrity. The presentation will focus on the real and potential dangers of voter fraud and how sensible actions can protect our election system in Ohio and nationally.

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