The Short Version

The Cincinnati East Tea Party is the local chapter of the greater Cincinnati Tea Party that serves Hyde Park, Oakley, Mt. Lookout, and surrounding neighborhoods. We want people to have more liberty, which necessarily means less government.

Core Message

Defending Our Country’s Founding Principles.

We believe our country’s founding principles are under attack, and we feel a duty to defend them.  It’s a battle between well-intentioned people who want bigger and more powerful government and those of us who think a federal government with unlimited powers threatens our fundamental liberties.

Health care is a good example.  If the federal government can require you to buy health insurance, what can’t it require you to buy?

There’s also the practical side.  The government has a one-size-fits-all approach, which is often inefficient.  We think people should be free to choose as long as they don’t harm others.

In any event, we can’t afford the big-government approach.  Government spending is historically high as a percentage of our economy and heading higher, and the road we’re on is going to bankrupt us.

We’re hoping like-minded people will join us in our efforts.  The key isn’t what political party you belong to but what principles you hold.


The Cincinnati East Tea Party was formed in December 2009 to serve the Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, and Oakley communities. It is led by a leadership team of concerned citizens.  It is one of a number of community groups in Southwest Ohio under the Cincinnati Tea Party umbrella. The Cincinnati Tea Party is incorporated in the State of Ohio and is a 501 (C)(4) organization.


The Cincinnati Tea Party is a non-partisan organization promoting the core principles of

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Limited government
  • Free markets

We strongly oppose wasteful government spending at all levels.

We encourage our members to actively participate in government by supporting and becoming candidates who share our principles.

Our goals are to

  • Protect the freedom of all American citizens by actively participating in elections and making informed voting decisions.
  • Bring government decisions closer to the citizens by promoting state sovereignty (Federalism).
  • Compel our elected officials to comply with the Constitution of the United States of America as written.

To accomplish our goals, the Cincinnati Tea Party:

  • Provides a Voice to liberty-minded Americans through rallies, forums, town halls and active campaigns to support legislation that is consistent with our core principles.
  • Impacts Elections and Legislation throughout America by encouraging freedom-loving American citizens to participate in the process or to run for office.

The Cincinnati Tea Party was founded in February 2009 by a conservative group of Cincinnatians who love America and want to pass her gift of freedom along to our children.

In April 2009, Community Tea Parties were launched to allow local leaders to spread the core values at the neighborhood level.