Flash: Volunteers Needed For Robinson-Criddle ORP Race

As Christa Criddle and I enter the final week of our campaign for the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee in Ohio Senate District 9, I want to let you know how well our campaign has been going and what lies ahead as May 6 approaches. Our remaining critical need is for outdoor poll workers (see below).  To learn more about this race, visit www.ConnectWithBurr.org or www.ChristaCriddle.com

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Why We’re Running, Why It Matters, and How You Can Help Fix the Ohio Republican Party

In the May 6 primary, there is an historic opportunity to return the power of the Ohio Republican Party to “We The People” and significantly diminish the current unauthorized power exercised by a few of our State’s elected leaders. For many years, select leaders in Columbus have made all the critical legislative decisions without the Ohio Republican Party being involved except for rubber stamping the leaders agenda.

Please read this recent communication from the Anderson Tea Party to better understand the current decision making structure in the Ohio Republican Party and what you can do to make change a reality. If you would like to help any of the candidates running in Hamilton and Warren Counties, send an email to Info@ConnectWithBurr.org. There are many ways to participate, all of them important to the success of these campaigns.

Inalienable Rights Suppressor?

The IRS has proposed new rules that will significantly suppress the free speech of 501 (c)(4) groups like the Cincinnati Tea Party. In this message, the Family Research Council alerts its followers to this repressive action. Please read it and send a comment on these regulations to the IRS by following the link to WeWillNotBeSilenced.org contained in the letter. (You can also read more about this from the Wall Street Journal.)

Thank you for reading this and taking this very important action step.

Write-in candidates for central committee

The following is reprinted from the Ohio Precinct Project.

If you missed the deadline to file as a regular candidate for county central committee on Wednesday, February 5th, there may still be a chance for you to get involved.

So many precincts go without candidates; it is possible that no one filed to run in your precinct. If so, by filing to be a write-in candidate, all you may need to do to get elected is vote for yourself on primary election day.

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Reducing Voter Fraud


Established in 2011, the Ohio Voter Integrity Project (OVIP), currently under the leadership of Greater Cincinnatians Denise Mayer and Mary Siegel, has made substantial progress in achieving its objective of “ensuring transparency and integrity in the election process throughout Ohio”. This report from them is one example of the sometimes outrageous voter registration requirements that need to be addressed.

Knowing that Mr. Allah is a fraud, the Board DID NOT remove him from the voter rolls but rather voted to challenge him if he tries to vote in the future. . . . Ohio VIP expected that the non-existent Mr. Allah would be removed from the voter rolls without question.

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Wenstrup launches petition against Congressional Obamacare special pass

Congressman WenstrupCongressman Brad Wenstrup has initiated a petition against the double standard whereby elected officials and their staff are exempt from a significant part of Obamacare while ordinary Americans are not.  You can learn more and sign the petition at No Special Pass .com.

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