Ohio Voter Integrity Project: Qualified Endorsement of Online Voter Registration

The General Assembly is currently contemplating Ohio Senate Bill 63, which would give voters the option of registering online.  The Ohio Voter Integrity Project has come out in favor of such an option, provided it’s done right:

Although online voter registration will not solve all of Ohio’s voter registration related issues it will undoubtedly, with the proper security, set a higher level of correctness and verification which at the present time does not exist.

Read about their position in more detail here.


More on the Constitution

If you missed our meeting last week, or if you want to know more about what you heard there:


Open Thread: Who Are Your Favorite Candidates in the May 6th Primaries?

(Read the Cincinnati Tea Party 2014 Candidate Pledge)

The Cincinnati East Tea Party does not endorse candidates, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t!  Discuss which candidates you think best embody the Tea Party values expressed in our Cincinnati Tea Party candidate pledge, or who your favorite candidates are, and why, by commenting below.

Please help observe our pledge yourself by staying positive and civil!

Ohio Political Establishment Facing Unprecedented Challenges from Conservatives in Primaries

The following is a press release reprinted from the Portage County, Ohio Tea Party.

Akron, OH: The Ohio Citizens PAC announced today that a coalition of TEA Party, pro-life and pro-marriage advocates, home schoolers and other conservative groups worked together to place an unprecedented number of challenges to incumbents on the ballot during Wednesday and Thurday’s filing deadline. Highlighting this effort are primary challenges to seven of the eight Ohio Republican Senators, challenges to Republican Congressman John Boehner and Dave Joyce, dozens of challenges to both Republican and Democrat incumbents in the Ohio House, plus over 20 challenges to incumbents on the Republican State Central Committee, hundreds of conservatives filing for county central committee seats in both the Democratic and Republican parties and a yet to be counted number running in local races against incumbents.

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Republican Party rejects Common Core, calls for education to be returned to local and state control

This week, the Hamilton County Republican Party announced that it opposes Common Core as an attempt to nationalize school curricula.  The HCRP adopts the resolution issued by the Republican National Committee last year, which can be read in full here (at a concise one page, the whole thing is worth reading).  Excerpt:

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Breaking News: No Primary Challenge for Governor Kasich

Earlier this week, news came out that Clermont County Tea Party leader Ted Stevenot was going to challenge incumbent John Kasich for the Republican nomination for governor.  Excerpt from the Media Trackers Ohio story:

“Former Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC) President Ted Stevenot will challenge Governor John Kasich in Ohio’s May 6 primary election, a January 1 press release confirms.

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Stop Cincinnati’s Streetcar to Detroit and the Theft of the City’s Parking Assets NOW!

by Nick Noel

The people who have been running this city for the last few years, Mayor Mallory, Council Majority Members Qualls, Sittenfeld, Young, Thomas, Quinlivan, Simpson, and Seelbach, have been no better than a gang of thieves. Together, they’ve taken a lot of money belonging to the citizens of Cincinnati that should have been used for public safety, paving roads, maintaining other infrastructure, making payments into the pension fund, and other legitimate functions of city government.

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Ohio Unemployment Rate Moves Higher than National Average; Right-to-work States Do Better, Forced-unionization States Worse

Decline in Ohio jobsThe Buckeye Institute has its monthly report out, “Ohio by the Numbers” for October 2013.  As the Buckeye Institute explains,

The October 2013 Ohio By the Numbers report (now available on the Buckeye Institute website) shows 8,700 private sector jobs gained. However, the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.5 percent while the labor force declined by slightly over 6,000.

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Forty Congressmen File Amicus Curiae Brief to Support Lawsuit against Obamacare

According to World Net Daily, one of the lawsuits still pending against Obamacare

argues that since the U.S. Constitution requires that revenue-raising measures originate in the U.S. House and Obamacare was created in the Senate, the law is unconstitutional. The case is headed toward the Supreme Court.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who has been leading the Obamacare charge since its inception, took a House-passed bill, deleted its contents and then substituted the Senate’s 2,000-page bill.

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Help Stop Common Core in Ohio

The message below from the Ohio Liberty Council notes three important subjects that will command much attention by Tea Party groups across Ohio in 2014. I particularly want to draw your attention to the opportunity we have in 2014 to influence the actions of the Hamilton County Republican Party by electing representatives to the Hamilton County Republican Party Central Committee. This is done through the election of a Precinct Executive in each Hamilton County Precinct.

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Poll Results: Cincinnati Needs Pension Reform

We asked, “Do you support or oppose 2013 Cincinnati Issue 4, the charter amendment to reform Cincinnati’s public-pension system?”  We got ten responses.  Here are the results from those who chose to respond:

70% Yes. Without reforms like this, Cincinnati could go the way of Detroit.

20% No. I’m afraid the measure will do more harm than good.

10% I’m still undecided.

Issue 4 went on to lose 78-22 in this month’s elections (article at WCPO, election results from the Hamilton County Board of Elections).

Related entry: “Video: Arguments on Both Sides of 2013 Cincinnati Issue 4”

Concerned Citizens’ Groups Endorse Candidates for Cincinnati City Council, Mayor

Chamber scorecard illustrationIf you live in the city, you have an important job to do next Tuesday:  It’s time to vote for City Council and mayor, this time for four years.  If you haven’t already decided, here is the Cincinnati Enquirer’s handy guide as a place to start.

The Cincinnati East Tea Party does not endorse candidates.  However, other area groups of concerned citizens do; in case it would be helpful as you do your own reading and make up your own mind, information on a few of them is below.

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