Video: Arguments on Both Sides of 2013 Cincinnati Issue 4

counterdemoIt’s an off year as far as national politics are concerned, but don’t forget that if you live in the city of Cincinnati, there’s an important election next month:  We’ll be voting on City Council candidates, the next mayor, and a ballot initiative that could affect the area’s fortunes for decades to come: Issue 4, a city charter amendment to reform the pension system for Cincinnati government employees.

A recent event brought a two-member panel of experts to Cincinnati to discuss the current system and the proposed reform.  The Cincinnati Free Beacon has the video, as well as video of Issue 4’s animated opponents, who protested on the street corner outside the event.  Excerpt:

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Poll Results: House Holds Purse Strings

Ted CruzWe asked, “Do you support Senator Ted Cruz’s plan to defund Obamacare?”  We got about 50 responses.  Here are the results from those who chose to respond:

94% Yes. It’s our last best chance to stop this train wreck.

2% No. The government will shut down, Republicans will get the blame, and it still won’t stop Obamacare.

4% No, I support Obamacare!

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Shutdown News

World War II veterans retake their own monument

You’ve probably been keeping up with news during this government shutdown (or government slowdown, as Herman Cain calls it, since even some three quarters of the federal government continues running uninterrupted) on television or talk radio or National Review Online or Hot Air or your news media of choice.

But just in case and for your convenience, here is some of what has been happening, with links to sources (or links to places with links to sources):

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Ted Cruz Explains His Strategy

Ted Cruz“So What Is Cruz’s Strategy? See how senator plans to derail Obamacare”

WASHINGTON — Critics accuse Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, of having no real plan to defund Obamacare and say he’s just grandstanding to promote himself and his career.

But the senator went to great lengths to spell out a highly detailed “multi-stage” strategy he said has been in the works for months, and WND was there when he revealed it to a small group of reporters in a conference call Thursday.

Read the whole thing at World Net Daily.

GOP United on Policy Goal, Divided on Strategy

National Review Online’s Robert Costa reports on the debate playing out among congressional Republicans: “Ted Cruz Punches Back: The senator defends his effort to defund Obamacare.”

The internecine tensions spilled over to the House on Wednesday, when a group of Republicans knocked Cruz on Twitter for appearing to back down from the defunding fight. Speaker John Boehner had just decided to bring a Cruz-inspired bill to the floor, and instead of rallying the Senate, Cruz issued a statement that left the burden of defunding Obamacare squarely on the lower chamber.

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Breaking: Lois Lerner to Retire

Lois LernerRepublicans’ congressional investigations are making progress.  NRO’s Eliana Johnson, who has been doing yeoman’s work covering the developing story of the IRS abuses, reports:

A congressional source has confirmed to National Review Online that embattled Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner, who has been on paid administrative leave since May, is retiring. The Associated Press is reporting that Lerner’s retirement is effective Monday. According to the ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Sander Levin (D, Mich.), Lerner’s resignation comes as the Accountability Review Board investigating the scandal was set to recommend her termination on the basis of mismanagement and “neglect of duties.”

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Reducing Voter Fraud


Established in 2011, the Ohio Voter Integrity Project (OVIP), currently under the leadership of Greater Cincinnatians Denise Mayer and Mary Siegel, has made substantial progress in achieving its objective of “ensuring transparency and integrity in the election process throughout Ohio”. This report from them is one example of the sometimes outrageous voter registration requirements that need to be addressed.

Knowing that Mr. Allah is a fraud, the Board DID NOT remove him from the voter rolls but rather voted to challenge him if he tries to vote in the future. . . . Ohio VIP expected that the non-existent Mr. Allah would be removed from the voter rolls without question.

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Cincinnati East Tea Party T-shirts Now Available for Purchase

CETP T-shirtBy special arrangement with Burke’s Tees, CETP T-shirts are now available on demand.  Simply go to Burke’s Tees on Cafe Press or Burke’s Tees on Zazzle, navigate to the Tea Party section (Cafe PressZazzle), select the product(s) you want, and make your purchase.  (Note that with Cafe Press, you can also get the CETP logo on other products, such as canvas bags or drinking glasses.)

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Medicaid Update—Some Good News

You will be encouraged by this report from the Ohio Liberty Coalition.  Excerpt:

Ohio has stood strong against [Medicaid] expansion to date, and the federal government will spend $13 billion less on Medicaid as a result.  Thanks to the 26 other states which have also opted out of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion or are exploring different options, another $600 billion in federal tax dollars have been saved, not to mention a major component of Obamacare has been blocked in half the country.

‘I Have a Dream’


In honor of this 50th-anniversary year of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and famous “I Have a Dream” speech, below are a few selections to meditate on from these historic works.  (He even gives a shout-out to the Tea Party!)  Of course they are also worth reading in their entirety (follow the links below).  See also some thoughts on the anniversary.

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Cincinnati Trolley?

Cincinnati TrolleyA CETP member calls our attention to a new old idea:  If we want “cool” new options for public transportation in Cincinnati, why not try a trolley?

A group called Hop on Cincinnati is promoting the idea of what the Cincinnati Enquirer calls a “trackless, rubber-tired trolley system” for downtown—in other words, a bus:  Because it would need no tracks to be dug and laid, it could be ready sooner, cost much less (estimated $15 million for 16 trolleys, as opposed to $133 million and counting for a single streetcar), and go a lot more places than the Streetcar.  At the same time, it would look like a trolley.  Some Streetcar supporters that I’ve talked to clearly want the Streetcar for aesthetic reasons as much as anything else—It would make Cincinnati look so cool, like Portland!—but there’s no reason we can’t have that in an affordable, practical bus.  Or, as Hop on Cincinnati puts it,

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The Latest: ‘Sixth Senior IRS Official Departs in Wake of Targeting Scandal’

National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson continues to cover the (still developing) IRS scandal:

A senior Internal Revenue Service official who until recently served as an adviser to embattled official Lois Lerner is leaving the agency, according to an IRS agent with knowledge of the situation. . . .

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AEI: Demonstrations Do Make a Difference; Did IRS Change Election Outcome?

Interesting research from the American Enterprise Institute (abstract in HTML, full text in PDF):  They attempt to measure whether turning out for a political rally makes a difference (causes political change, rather than is merely correlated with it), using rainfall at various events as a randomizing independent variable.  They conclude that the rallies do make a difference.

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