Cincinnati Trolley?

Cincinnati TrolleyA CETP member calls our attention to a new old idea:  If we want “cool” new options for public transportation in Cincinnati, why not try a trolley?

A group called Hop on Cincinnati is promoting the idea of what the Cincinnati Enquirer calls a “trackless, rubber-tired trolley system” for downtown—in other words, a bus:  Because it would need no tracks to be dug and laid, it could be ready sooner, cost much less (estimated $15 million for 16 trolleys, as opposed to $133 million and counting for a single streetcar), and go a lot more places than the Streetcar.  At the same time, it would look like a trolley.  Some Streetcar supporters that I’ve talked to clearly want the Streetcar for aesthetic reasons as much as anything else—It would make Cincinnati look so cool, like Portland!—but there’s no reason we can’t have that in an affordable, practical bus.  Or, as Hop on Cincinnati puts it,

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